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Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored
Alexa Vega Uncensored

Alexa Vega - Isle of dreams (Spy Kids 2)

Alexa Vega

Movie Actress
She played the big sister, Carmen Cortez, in the Spy Kids movies. Her other films include The Devil's Carnival, The Clockwork Girl, and Machete Kills. She was a competitive gymnast. She debuted as Priscilla in the 1994 film, Little Giants. She played Ruby on the ABC Family sitcom, Ruby & The Rockits. She married Sean Covel in October 2010, and the couple divorced in July 2012. She then married Carlos PenaVega in January of 2014. She was in the disaster film Twister with Helen Hunt.
Age: 26 years old
Birthday: August 27, 1988
Born: Florida
Birth Sign: Virgo

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