Uncensored: Magibon full NUDE

Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored
Magibon Uncensored

YouTubers React to Viral Videos (Chocolate Rain, Justin Bieber, Magibon)


Web Video Star
Born Margaret Lillian Adams and better known by her internet alter-ego of Magibon, this YouTube vlogger and noted Japanophile had over 120,000 subscribers and more than 100 million views by early 2015. Many of her extremely brief videos are silent and simply display her face; others feature her attempts to speak or sing in Japanese. She posted her first YouTube video, "Me Doing Nothing," on July 2, 2006. The post quickly accumulated 1.5 million views. Many of her YouTube videos begin with the Japanese words "Minna-san, Konnichiwa! Magibon Desu" and end with the English phrase "Bye bye." She spent her childhood in West Palm Beach, Florida, and relocated to Pennsylvania in her early twenties. She went on to spend time in Japan. Japanese media outlets have compared Magibon to the American-born, Japanese-based model and singer Leah Dizon.
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: August 9, 1986
Born: Florida
Birth Sign: Leo

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