Uncensored: Sui He full NUDE

Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored
Sui He Uncensored

J. Cole Uncensored: Why He\'s Not Following \"Their\" Rules

Sui He

Chinese model known for being the first Asian face of cosmetics brand Shiseido. She grew up wanting to be just like Kate Moss, whom she labeled her icon growing up. She became known for her patience and kind demeanor, and had a reputation for being respectful to all press, fans, and photographers. She was born in Wenzhou, China. Her favorite movie is the Pursuit of Happyness, which starred actor Will Smith.
Age: 25 years old
Birthday: September 23, 1989
Born: China
Birth Sign: Libra

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